Trainings, lectures, seminars, press conferences, briefings, social studies, and other activities


Ukrainian public organization "The Supreme Council of energy auditors and energy managers of Ukraine" organizes trainings, lectures, seminars, press conferences, briefings, social studies, and other activities. They are aimed to develope the international cooperation on issues of energy efficiency and energy saving and attract the public attention to the situation in the field of energy saving, energy efficiency, energy management and energy audit in Ukraine.

UPO "SCEAEMU"holds the traditional international conference on energy efficiency, in particular:

  • International workshop "The Practice of energy saving: tariff policy, regulation, heat supply, water supply and drainage, automation and accounting system " (in total 21 workshops were spent). 
  • International Conference "Investing in energy, energy saving and ecology" (in total - 17 international conferences).
  • The seminar "Energy saving in railway transport" (in total - 20 seminars).
  • Round-table meeting "Energy saving in the oil and gas sector" (in total - 20 round-table meetings).
  • Seminar-workshop "The practice of the order of formation and procedures for setting tariffs for thermal energy, its production, transportation, supply, centralized water supply and drainage " (in total - 4 seminar-workshops)

The most urgent issues covered in the program include:

  • Implementation and development of independent energy audit system in Ukraine;
  • Implementation of energy management at all levels from specific companies to the government in the center and the regions (cities);
  • preparation and lobbying of proposals for adaptation of Ukrainian legislation to EU legislation;

  • the development and adoption of legislative acts of direct action aimed at encouraging the introduction of energy efficiency policies and energy saving by economic methods and eliminating the economic foundations of corruption in this area;
  • increasing the educational and professional level on energy saving;

  • figuring out an advisability of the installation of heat pumps, wind turbines, select the type of lighting device, and others.


UPO "SCEAEMU" proposes to hold a training, lecture or seminar for your professionals to learn about a cluster approach on implementation of energy saving and energy management in the enterprise.