Energy management


"Energy management" - an activity aimed to ensure the rational using of energy resources in the enterprise or in municipalities that can significantly optimize the amounts of energy.

Energy management includes:

  • monitoring of energy consumption;
  • analysis of existing indicators as the basis of drafting the new budget;
  • development of new low-waste and non-waste technology;
  • development of energy budgets;
  • development of energy policy;
  • planning for new energy-saving measures;
  • development of effective systems and control means behind energy consumption and protection the environment from pollution;
  • the integrated energy and economic management.

 The structure of our organization includes professionals who have developed national standards in this field and implemented energy management system to the largest industrial enterprises in Ukraine.

Ukrainian public organization "The Supreme Council of energy auditors and energy managers of Ukraine" assists and advises enterprises  and municipalities on implementation of energy management system and energy monitoring system offuel and energy resources consumption.

UPO "SCEAEMU" proposes to introduce an energy management system, which allows efficient using of fuel and energy resources both for production and heating and other non-production needs.