Energy audit

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Energy audit (energy survey) - survey of companies, organizations and individual production facilities, which is held under the initiative of the consumer to identify saving opportunities of energy resources, implementation of saving measures in practice by introducing mechanisms for energy efficiency and to implement the energy management system to enterprise.

The purpose of energy - promoting the business entitiesin determining their policy of energy saving,efficiency of usingof energy resources, energy saving potential, assisting in the development of scientifically based norms and standards specific costs, energy balance, development of energy efficiency measures and their financial evaluation and assessment of the impact on protection of labor and the environment.

The energy audit allows to determine how efficient fuel and energy resources are used and develop recommendations for reducing their consumption.

Objects of the energy audit are:

        •  enterprises, business objects, organizations and institutions;
        •  buildings, business entities;
        •  production and processing equipment;
        • technological processes;
        •  electrical, heating, fuel, water supplying systems;
        • technological documentation and reporting business entity in field of energy saving;
        •  draft plans of construction, reconstruction, liquidation of economic activity.                                                                                                                                         

 According to the results of the energy audit the customer receives:

                • program on non-cost energy saving measures;
                • energy passport of the enterprise (organization), including instrumental confirmed the fuel and energy balance; 
                • introduction the program on energy supply and energy efficiency, depending on the technological process of production of the business entity;
                • Report on the analysis of the energy balance and the specific energy consumption that depends on production volumes;
                • feasibility studies and decision to increase energy efficiency;
                • introduction of energy management system.

Ukrainian public organization "The Supreme Council of energy auditors and energy managers of Ukraine" performed energy audits for a number of companies:

              •        The power units of 200 MW and 300 MW Burshtyn and Trypillia thermal power plant;
                • CE "Kyivvodocanal";
                • KP "Kyiv Metro";
                • Ingulets mining and enrichment plant;
                • Central mining and enrichment plant + creation energy management system
                • Lamp Factory "ISKRA";
                • Crimean Soda Plant + creation EMS;
                • Zaporizhia enterprise "Kremniypolimer";
                • Vilnohirsk Mining Metallurgical Plant + сreation EMS;
                • Shostka

To conduct an energy audit experts of Ukrainian public organization "The Supreme Council of energy auditors and energy managers of Ukraine" use the most advanced techniques and scientific development based on national and European standards. Among them are European standards, which take effect from September 1, 2016: 

  • DSTU ISO 50002:2016 (ISO 50002:2014, IDT ) Energy audits. Requirements and guidelines for their implementation.
  • DSTU ISO 50003:2016(ISO 50003:2014, IDT) Energy management systems. Requirements for bodies that carry out the audit and certification of energy management.
  • DSTU ISO 50004:2016(ISO 50004:2014, IDT) Energy management systems. Guidance on the implementation, maintenance and improvement of energy management system.
  •  DSTU ISO 50006:2016(ISO 50006:2014, IDT) Energy management systems. Measurement of achieved / achievable energy efficiency  using the baselines of energy consumption. Terms and guidance.
  •  DSTU ISO 50015:2016(ISO 50015:2014, IDT) Energy management systems. Measurement and verification of achieved / achievable energy efficiency organizations.

UPO "SCEAEMU"proposes to conduct a comprehensive energy audit that will enable to identify potential of energy saving at the plant and save money on using fuel and energy resources.