Development of national standards on energy saving


UPO "SCEAEMU" and its members have developed and approved several dozen government and industry standardsin the field of energy and energy saving, in particular such basic standards:

National standards on issues of energy saving:

- DSTU 4065-2001 "Energy saving. The energy audit. General technical requirements"

 -DSTU 4110-2002 "Energy saving. The method of analysis and calculation of specific energy costs"; 

- DSTU 3886-99 "Energy saving. The systems of electric drives. Methods of analysis and selection";

- DSTU ISO 13600 " Technical energy systems. The main provisions";

-  DSTU ISO 13601: 1998 "Technical energy systems. The structure for analysis.The sector for delivery and consumption of energy products";

-  DSTU 4156-2003 "Belt conveyors. The systems of electric drives. Methods of analysis and selection";

-  DSTU 4308-2004 "Belt conveyors. The systems of electric drives General technical requirements";

- 11 international standards: ISO 8528-1, ..., ISO 8528-10, ISO 8528-12 for AC and DC generating facilities driven by reciprocating internal combustion engine;

-  4 international standards: IEC 60034-5, 60034-6, IEC 60034-7, IEC 60034-8 regarding electrical rotating machines, etc.

Regulatory documents of State Agency for Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine:

- I00013184.0.001-97 "Procedure for development and approval of regulatory documents on energy saving";
- M00013184.0.018-00 "Methods of analysis and calculation of specific energy costs during the examination of energy saving and inspection of energy consumers". 

Industry standards:

- SOU HCSS 74.30-35077234.011: 2007 "Energy saving. Energy management companies of housing and communal services. General requirements” 

- SOU 74.1-20077720-024: 2006"Energy saving. Energy audit of oil and gas complex. Substantive provisions”

- SOU 60.3-31570412.024: 2006 "Main Oil Pipelines. Energy saving. Calculation of energy saving"

We have developed a draft law of Ukraine "On energy audit", which we plan to register in Parliament in cooperation with one of the deputies of Ukraine.

UPO "SCEAEMU" proposes to carry through a comprehensive energy audit of the company in accordance with state and industry standards in the areas of energy and energy saving.